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I wanted to get back to you on Martha. Remarkable woman. Really enjoyed meeting her. I like that she had studied my bio and had good questions, seemed genuinely interested. We have a number of like-interests. Overall she laughed easily and it was an engaging conversation. I am perplexed about a long term relationship though. We did not exchange numbers, but I would like to see her again. I am curious of her take on the evening. 

P.S. You were misleading when you described her figure as "cute". Her figure is exquisite!

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2017suzanne sartogeorge

Part of the reason for our delightful trip was that Holly joined us for the first week in Scotland and Lithuania. (Holly went back to Colorado on Sunday when we came back to Scotland for my work.) From my perspective, and also my girls’, Holly is amazing and I could not be happier. I am in love with her and thank you profusely for introducing me to such a truly wonderful woman. Holly is passionate, smart, hardworking, thoughtful, funny, genuine, entertaining, loving, and utterly beautiful. I certainly wish to remain “on hold” with regards to my membership with KKC. I trust Jennifer would agree, but welcome your connection with her and confirming it from a woman’s, and independent, perspective! 

I hope you and Kris are doing well and that your business continues to thrive. Have a great summer! Thank you again!

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2017suzanne sartojack

I hope you are doing well! All is well with me - enjoying the long Summer days and warm weather. I actually just returned from a trip to Europe with Jack and his daughters. Things with him are going really well and I am so thankful to you and Kris for connecting us! He is such a wonderful man whom I love on so many levels. I would not have ever met him were it not for you, so I owe you a TREMENDOUS THANK YOU!!!!!

Other than a love life that I am very happy with, things are great with work, the family, etc. Hope you are doing well, and we still need to meet up at some point!!! Thanks for checking in.

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2017suzanne sartoholly

Cupid has been quite busy...actually since the holidays for me and yes, indeed it is a gentleman that you know. The sweetest and sharpest man I'm so happy to know, named Brian. We are off to Durango/Purgatory skiing in a couple weeks. Lots of wonderfulness, though the romance part is quite new, he and I have gone out often since you introduced us. He's so romantic, I'm so spoiled.

There you go!

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2017suzanne sartojulie

Jodi was cool. Much prettier in person than her photos. She was engaging, light hearted, and has similar values. We exchanged numbers and think I will see her again. I would enjoy getting to know her better.

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2017suzanne sartokyle

Kristen is awesome. Very funny and witty. Very accomplished! I hope we go on more dates. I am leaving town again for my birthday, back in ten days. Kristen and I are texting...and talking. She s in Vail now...will keep you updated!

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2017suzanne sartobrad

Thank you for checking in and thank you for setting us up. I was very impressed with Jake and enjoyed spending time together. He's funny, attractive, sincere, and an excellent communicator. You have made a great match in my opinion. I hope to see him again soon.

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2017suzanne sartojennifer

You truly take the stress and hassle out of dating. I've had such wonderful dates, and my date with Jeremy was incredible! I appreciate you two so much, thank you for everything!

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2017suzanne sartolatosha