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I had a lovely time with Jamie and hope she did so as well. She is everything you said in her short bio. Lovely, whip smart, cultivated, interesting, good values, well dressed and a real warmth about her. I guess she had a nice time as we didn’t leave until 10:30. She has a good sense of humor and great smile that increased over the course of the evening.

As the evening ended I asked if she would like get together again. She said she would enjoy that and we exchanged contact information. I texted her a thank you for the enjoyable evening this morning and received a very nice response.

I cannot thank you enough for the introductions. Both Jamie and Joyce are fascinating, grown-up, women. Let me know what Jamie says. 

I am really enjoying these experiences. It has taken me awhile to get out of my own way, and approach it with real openness. 

Jing is a really nice place to meet as the bar has an intimate atmosphere that is conducive to talking comfortably.

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